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Wollaston Motors have been a long-time customer with Landfill Alternatives. Wollaston Motors, who are the BMW dealership in Northampton, have an APB 20 BL fully sealed portable compactor.

They specified for an integrated wheelie bin tipper on the compactor so that they gain advantages in collecting and moving the waste about the site. This ensures that no member of staff needs to double handle waste or lift heavy material under the ever tightening manual handling regulations.

Wollaston were so impressed by our compactor that they called us back in to see if we could introduce a ‘nil to landfill’ strategy.  This involved better segregation in all areas of the business of packaging. Once separated, the plastic film and cardboard is baled in an LFA 151. All paper is put into a LFA RC (Roto Compactor) to pre-shred and this then goes offsite for destruction. Metal is put into a skip and all hazardous waste is put into drums. The remaining waste now goes into their liquid sealed ABP 20 portable compactor and is taken to be burnt for energy.

Photo of a Roto Compactor
Large compactor with bin lift

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