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Plastic Balers

Our Plastic Balers keep waste plastic out of landfills and process it ready for recycling

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Plastic Balers for Recycling

Plastic is generated by several businesses in many different forms. Since plastic isn’t biodegradable failure to recycle it will lead to pollution that often ends up clogging up landfills or oceans for thousands of years. This can cause serious long-term damage to the environment and wildlife.

In addition to the environmental aspect, plastic can also take up valuable space in bins and skips leading to frequent collections that can soon add up. This additional business expense can be significantly reduced by investing in a Plastic Baler for hire. This machine will enable you to compact and bale waste plastic. Once baled the material can be collected for recycling and is often taken away for free. At certain volumes, plastic bales can even start to generate revenue.

No matter how much waste plastic you produce it’s likely that your business can benefit from Plastic Baler hire. We sell and hire machinery capable of producing 25kg bales to 500kg mill sized bales.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with multiple businesses from all sectors across the UK to implement a recycling solution that works for them. On average our customers save thousands of pounds a year.

Discover how much your business could save by arranging a free, no-obligation, on-site audit.


Plastic Recycling Baler
Save Time & Improve Efficiency

Plastic can be loaded straight into the baler without being compacted. Saving time and effort.

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Save Money

Baled plastic is often collected for free. At certain volumes plastic can generate a source of income.

Keep Bins Clear

Removing plastic from your waste stream means bins need to be emptied less frequently. Saving you money on collection costs.

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Minimise Environmental Impact

Plastic isn't biodegradable so it's paramount that it is recycled. A plastic Baler can help this process.

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Remove Trip Hazards

Plastic often requires a lot of storage space and can pose as a trip hazard.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Balers?

As a society, we are consuming more plastic than ever before. To tackle this problem businesses across all industries including; retail, restaurants, offices, supermarkets, and warehouses have invested in Plastic Balers hire. This is because they offer a host of benefits to businesses including:

Cost Savings

Plastic Baler hire enables you to remove the majority of plastic from your waste stream. This free’s up space in bins and skips reducing the need for frequent collections. Baled plastic is often collected for free and at certain volumes can even generate revenue. Over time the financial savings often outweigh the capital cost of the machinery.

Improved Efficiency 

Plastic Balers hires can be placed right at the source of plastic. This reduces the number of trips staff need to spend going and back and forth to the bins. This means they can spend more time and energy focusing on key business tasks. If you produce large quantities of waste, we can design and install full turn-key systems that feed material directly into the baler via a conveyor belt. 

Enhanced Environmental Credentials

Plastic waste is becoming an increasingly hot topic for consumers. Buying trends have shown some consumers have shifted to favour more sustainable businesses. By opting to bale and recycle your waste you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Saves Space On-site

Plastic film can take up a lot of valuable space and not only make a business look untidy but can also be a health hazard. Hiring a Plastc Baler can keep your site clear and enables you to keep on top of your waste. 


Case Study

One such business that has benefitted greatly from installing a Baler is a glazing manufacturer based in Chatham. You can read the full case study here.

“We should have done this ages ago. Not only does it save money, but it also keeps the yard tidier saving labour time picking it up from the floor.”

– Layne, Production Manager


Purchasing a Plastic Baler

We sell and lease hire a large range of plastic Balers suitable for baling multiple types of plastic waste. With over 30 different Balers suitable for businesses producing small volumes of plastic to industrial logistic centres processing tonnes of plastic. Plastic Baler hire enables you to remove plastic from your waste stream and bale it ready for collection and recycling. If you’re not sure about what machine your business needs, try our product finder or arrange a free on-site audit.

Plastic Baler Hire

Although investing in a Baler can bring about financial gain, many businesses are reluctant to tie up existing lines of credit or capital by investing in new machinery. That’s why at Landfill Alternatives, we offer affordable leasing contracts on our new and refurbished Waste Balers.  Leasing equipment with us is a straightforward procedure. The first step is organising an onsite audit to determine what machinery is best for your specific business requirements. We then draw up a proposal outlining our recommendations and a suitable payment plan.  On receiving your completed rental form we then deliver, install, and provide free training for your system.

Refurbished Machines

In addition to selling brand new machines, we also sell a number of refurbished plastic Balers. These are restored to a very high standard and can be a very cost-effective route of satisfying your waste management requirements.

Baler Maintenance

Our machines are designed and built to last, but over time they will sustain some heavy usage. In order to ensure your machine is operating correctly and continues to do so throughout its life, it’s absolutely vital that you regularly service your machine. We have an extensive team of certified electronic and hydraulic engineers that are capable of servicing any Baler in line with the manufacturer’s guidance to ensure its continued operation.


 Take a look at our best selling plastic Balers below or see our entire range available for sale or hire

Large & Mill-sized Plastic Baler

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LFA 500HD – Large Plastic Baler

Perfect for high volumes of plastic
Free 14 day trial Available


Product Description

The LFA 500 HD is our largest plastic vertical Baler that creates bales up to 500kgs in weight (mill size). It is an ideal machine for large quantities of plastic.

Recommended Industries

  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Logistic Centres

Suitable For

  • Plastic film
  • Cardboard
  • Dry waste
  • Paper

Large Horizontal Plastic Baler

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LFA 450 H.FE.PC – Large Horizontal Plastic Baler

Perfect for very high volumes of plastic

Product Description

The LFA 450 H.FE.PC is an excellent solution for industries with substantial volumes of plastic. The distinction between a horizontal Baler and a vertical mill sized Baler is that the horizontal machine will allow for continuous feeding, thus achieving a much superior throughput.

Recommended Industries

  • Distribution centres
  • Logistic centres
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturers

Suitable For

  • Cardboard
    Plastic film
    Dry waste

Plastic Baler Frequently Asked Questions

Balers enable you to place waste material into a chamber. Once full the machine deploys a powerful compaction ram applying several tonnes of pressure to compact the material. This process is completed multiple times until a full bale is ejected from the machine.

Recycling Balers and waste compactors can be used in almost every industry. Including retailers, supermarkets, manufactures, distribution centres, hotels, logistic centres, and more. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from a Baler.

Several types of plastic can be baled including soft plastics, such as bags, tubing, cartons, and packaging. Hard plastics such as jugs, bottles, can also be baled. For more information please contact us.

Both machines aim to minimise the amount of space waste takes up. However, they typically process different materials. Balers are perfect for compacting dry waste recyclables. If your business produces a sufficient stream of these materials then a Baler could be a suitable option. However, if your business produces a high volume of mixed general waste then a Compactor may be required.  To learn more, read our full-length article covering this topic.

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