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Rent & Lease Hire Plastic Balers

If your business generates significant amounts of plastic waste, then it’s highly likely you could benefit from investing in a Plastic Baler. However, not all businesses have sufficient capital to make such a large investment.

That’s why at Landfill Alternatives we offer competitive lease and rental agreements, enabling you to hire a Plastic Baler. We offer rental agreements across our entire range and have machinery capable of producing 25kg bales to 500kg mill sized bales.

A plastic Baler enables you to remove the majority of plastic from your waste stream. This free’s up space in bins and skips reducing the need for frequent collections. Baled plastic is often collected for free and at certain volumes can even generate revenue.

Although investing in a Baler can bring about financial gain, many businesses are reluctant to tie up existing lines of credit or capital by investing in new machinery. That’s why at Landfill Alternatives, we offer affordable leasing contracts on our new and refurbished Waste Balers.  Leasing equipment with us is a straightforward procedure. The first step is organising an onsite audit to determine what machinery is best for your specific business requirements. We then draw up a proposal outlining our recommendations and a suitable payment plan.  On receiving your completed rental form we then deliver, install, and provide free training for your system.

Discover how much your business could save by arranging a free, no-obligation, on-site audit.


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Competitive Rental Prices

We offer competitive lease agreements for Plastic Balers.

Plastic Recycling Baler
Save Time & Improve Efficiency

Plastic can be loaded straight into the baler without being compacted. Saving time and effort.

Keep Bins Clear

Removing plastic from your waste stream means bins need to be emptied less frequently. Saving you money on collection costs.

No Hidden Fees

The price agreed is the price you'll pay - there's no hidden fees or surprises.

Straight Forward Hire Agreements

Our rental agreements are straight forward & easy to understand.

Large & Mill-sized Plastic Baler For Hire

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LFA 500HD – Large Plastic Baler

Perfect for high volumes of plastic
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Product Description

The LFA 500 HD is our largest plastic vertical Baler that creates bales up to 500kgs in weight (mill size). It is an ideal machine for large quantities of plastic.

Recommended Industries

  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Logistic Centres

Suitable For

  • Plastic film
  • Cardboard
  • Dry waste
  • Paper

Large Horizontal Plastic Baler For Hire

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LFA 450 H.FE.PC – Large Horizontal Plastic Baler

Perfect for very high volumes of plastic

Product Description

The LFA 450 H.FE.PC is an excellent solution for industries with substantial volumes of plastic. The distinction between a horizontal Baler and a vertical mill sized Baler is that the horizontal machine will allow for continuous feeding, thus achieving a much superior throughput.

Recommended Industries

  • Distribution centres
  • Logistic centres
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturers

Suitable For

  • Cardboard
    Plastic film
    Dry waste
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