Your one-stop shop for Recycling Balers, Waste Compactors, Crushers & Specialist Equipment

Your one-stop shop for Balers, Compactors and Crushers

We offer a comprehensive range of Vertical & Horizontal Balers, Compactors, Crushers and Specialist Equipment
for purchase or lease hire.

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Your One Stop-Shop for Dry Waste Recycling

UK's Leading Supplier of Recycling Balers, Crushers & Compactors

At Landfill Alternatives, we have over 20 years of experience in the waste management & recycling industry.  We offer a comprehensive range of Vertical & Horizontal Balers, Compactors and Crushers for sale and lease hire.  We pair our extensive industry knowledge and market-leading machinery to produce bespoke solutions for a whole range of businesses – from a corner shop through to large multinational retailers – processing metal, cardboard, paper, foam, abattoir skins, film and rigid plastics, wood, and general waste.

Our Recycling Balers, Waste Compactors, and Crushers can be stand-alone, or part of a large ‘turn-key’ system using conveyors, bin tippers, and dust/extraction systems.  If you’re looking to increase recycling and manage your waste we can find the perfect solution for your business.  

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Help towards achieving ISO 14001 status

LFA can advise on legislation, and best practice

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Less waste to landfill & onsite

Our machines keep your site tidy and divert waste from landfill

Recycle more & generate revenue from waste rebates

Baled waste can be re-sold to offset costs and generate income

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Market leading machinery

From Cardboard & Plastic to Tyres & Mattresses we'll find the right machine for you

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Our machines help you recycle your waste

Paper, Cardboard, Plastic and more can all be baled and recycled.

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How it Works

Our Process

  1. On Site Assessment

    With over 50 products in our range, we can provide you with multiple strategies on how to meet your needs from cost saving, through to nil to landfill.

  2. Proposal

    We are able to provide you with a detailed plan of action to take along with cost comparisons and quotations.

  3. Payment Plan

    We have many different plans to fit your needs if you are looking to purchase, rent or lease purchase.

  4. Installation and Training

    Installation and certified training for all your staff members.

  5. Brokerage

    We are able to provide you with multiple options for disposal of your waste / recyclables. We can source the best rebates for your recyclables and the best value waste collections services for your waste.

  6. Service

    We have multiple plans for servicing and maintaining your machinery.

More Questions Than Answers?

We appreciate that our comprehensive range of machinery can sometimes make it difficult to find the right machine to suit your requirements.

Our Product Finder tool makes it easy to find the perfect Baler, Crusher or Compactor to satisfy your business requirements.

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