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Can, Drum & Glass Crushers

Crushers are normally used to reduce costs on your transport. By using a waste crusher machine you are able to reduce material volumes by up to 5:1 depending on your material.

At Landfill Alternatives, we sell a wide range of crushers, perfect for compacting aerosol cans, paint tins/cans and oil drums.  We also have a selection of glass crushers.  All of our waste crusher machines seek to minimise waste and disposal costs.

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Crush Drums

Our machines are perfect for crushing oil drums.

Recycle Hotel Bar glass
Crush Glass

Reduce the volume of your glass objects by up to 5:1.

Crush Cans

Our can crushers are capable of crushing aerosol cans to 50 litre cans.

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Save Space

Reduce material volumes by up to 5:1. Saving space in your skips.

Can, Drum & Glass Crusher FAQ

If your business is looking to learn more about Glass, Can or Drum Crushers or is interesting in purchasing or leasing one then this guide is for you. With over 20 years of experience in the waste management industry, we’ve been asked just about everything there is to know about crushing waste. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you make your purchasing decision or to simply learn more.

What is a Can Crusher?

A Can Crusher is a machine that deploys a compaction ram to crush cans in order to reduce their volume. Typically, a 5:1 compaction ratio can be achieved which reduces the volume by as much as 80%. This ensures that space isn’t wasted inside your bin or skip and fewer collections are required saving your business money.

What is a Glass Crusher?

Our machines use crushing teeth to break up glass bottles into cullet drops. This process reduces the volume by 5:1 which means no space is wasted in your bin or skip. These machines are perfect for pubs and restaurants.

What is a Drum Crusher?

Our Drum Crusher is a fully automated hydraulic machine that crushes up to 205ltr (1080mm high) drums by as much as 80% saving you space and disposal costs. It has a small footprint and has a total force of 22 tons when pressing.

Are Glass Crushers noisy?

Our under-counter model has foam encasing the crushing teeth reducing noise. This ensures it is not noisy allowing staff to process glass bottles directly at the bar making it ideal for pubs, hotels, and restaurants.

What volume of glass bottles can be crushed?

Depending on the model you’re able to crush between 0.5 – 2 tonnes of glass per hour.

What size cans are suitable?

We have a range of models to handle various sizes, from 5 to 50 litre. If you’re not sure which machine is best for you then get in touch today.

What type of cans can be crushed?

Typically, our machines are used to crush paint cans or cans that once contained food. However, provided the can fits inside the machine it can be crushed.

Can I crush Aerosol Cans?

Yes, we have a special machine that can handle aerosol cans. It comes with a carbon filter that neutralizes any gases during the crushing process making it safe for disposal.

How are Can Crushers powered?

All of our Can Crushers are powered by compressed air, which we can also supply if required. Our Drum and Glass Crushers are powered by electricity.




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