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Logistics Waste Management

Tailored waste management and recycling solutions for distribution and logistic centres

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Waste Management for Logistic Centres

Distribution centres and logistic warehouses receive tonnes of goods each day on pallets packaged in cardboard and plastic film. This presents a significant waste management problem.

Throwing such large quantities of recyclable material straight into the skip is not only inefficient but with ever-rising disposal fees, expensive.

At Landfill Alternatives, we can help produce a tailored waste management solution for your logistic centre. Our range of Cardboard and Plastic film Balers can be strategically placed where waste is produced to minimise unnecessary trips to the skips and streamline operations.

Our heavy-duty, industrial Balers will not only save your operatives time but will also ensure the warehouse is kept tidy and reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Furthermore, baled cardboard and plastic can be sold generating a source of revenue in the form of rebates.

Of course, not everything can be recycled, and we have a range of static and portable compactors to ensure general waste is fully compacted. Thus reducing the number of collections required and the financial cost to your logistics centre.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with multiple logistics firms from all across the UK to implement a recycling solution that works for them. On average our customers save thousands of pounds a year.

Discover how much your business could save by arranging a free, no-obligation, on-site audit.


Logistics Centre
Streamline Waste Management

Don't let waste clog up your logistics operation. Streamline your distribution with our Recycling Balers.

Cardboard Recycling Baler
Save Time & Improve Efficiency

There is no need to flatten cardboard boxes, simply place them into the Baler. This saves operatives time and effort.

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Generate Revenue

At certain volumes baled cardboard & plastic can generate a source of income from rebates.

Overflowing Hotel bin
Keep Bins & Skips Clear

Removing recyclables from your waste stream means bins & skips need to be emptied less frequently. Saving you money on collection costs.

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Minimise Environmental Impact

Cardboard & plastic can be recycled and re-used. Diverting it from landfill minimises your businesses impact on the environment.

Recycling truck icon
Minimise Transport Traffic

Fewer waste collections results in less traffic onsite and lower C02 emissions. Enabling you to focus on getting key shipments in and out.

 Take a look at our best selling machines trusted by Logistic Centres and Distribution Warehouses across the UK

Portable Compactor

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LFA MPB 10 – Portable Compactor

Perfect for high volumes of mixed waste


Product Description

The MPB 10 is our standard chain lift portable compactor that can hold up to 4 tons of general waste once full. It is the size of a car park space and is the perfect option for medium amounts of waste.

Suitable For

  • Dry Mixed Waste
  • General Waste
  • Wet Mixed Waste

Static Compactor

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LFA SC 4 – Large Static Compactor

Perfect for high volumes of mixed dry waste


Product Description

The LFA SC 4 is our largest static ram compactor. It is the perfect option for medium/high amounts of dry waste.

Suitable For

  • Dry Mixed Waste
  • General Waste

Large & Mill-sized Baler

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LFA 500HD – Large Vertical Baler

Perfect for high volumes of cardboard and plastic film


Product Description

The LFA 500 HD is our largest cardboard vertical Baler that creates bales up to 500kgs in weight (mill size). It is an ideal machine for large quantities of cardboard and plastic film.

Recommended Industries

  • Distribution Centres
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Logistic Centres

Suitable For

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic film
  • Dry waste
  • Paper
Improve Waste Management within your Logistics or Distribution Centre

Landfill Alternatives has been pairing an unrivaled understanding of waste management with industry-leading machinery for the past 20 years. Our recycling solutions are tailored to every business we work with ensuring you get the right machinery for your exact requirements.

When it comes to logistics and distribution, we understand that every second counts. Our waste management solution will focus on improving efficiency, streamlining recycling, and reducing costs.

The process starts with a no-obligation, completely free site audit. A member of our experienced team will visit your warehouse or centre and discuss your individual needs. Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements we’ll provide you with a detailed plan of action to take along with cost comparisons and quotations.

To arrange a free audit, fill out this short form. Alternatively, give us a call to speak to a member of our expert team on 01295 816 733.

Case Study

One logistic centre that has benefited greatly from the expert waste management solution provided by LFA is NYK Logistics in Mansfield.

“We had a growing problem in that waste costs were increasing rapidly and legislation was ‘encouraging’ us to recycle more.”

– Andy Wilson, NYK Logistics
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