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General Waste Compactors

Our industrial Compactors ensure that commercial waste that can’t be recycled is fully compacted

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General Waste Compactors

Unfortunately, not all waste can be recycled. Low value, mixed waste also commonly known as general waste has to be placed in a bin. Removal of this waste can be a huge expense for businesses particularly when space within the bin isn’t fully utilised.

At commercial businesses, general waste can quickly accumulate and overflowing bins are not only unsightly but can also pose a serious health risk. By investing in a general waste Compactor businesses can dramatically reduce their disposal costs.

There are several different types of Compactors but the concept remains the same. Compactors deploy a powerful ram that applies several tonnes of pressure. This typically results in a 5:1 compaction ratio and ensures space inside bins and skips is fully utilised. As waste material is fully compacted bins need to be emptied far less frequently.

Discover how much your business could save by arranging a free, no-obligation, on-site audit.


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Save Time & Improve Efficiency

General waste can be loaded into Compactors by hand, lift, belt or truck minimising handling time.

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Save Money

Compacted waste requires fewer collections resulting in lower disposal costs.

Stop Overflowing Bins

Compactors ensure your waste is fully compacted within your bins.

Waste in Landfill
Eliminates Fly Tipping

Compactors eliminate any chances of unauthorised dumping of waste.

Waste Truck
Minimise On-site Traffic

Compactors cut down the number of required bin collections required.

What are the Benefits of General Waste Compactors?

Businesses across all industries including; retail, restaurants, offices, supermarkets, and warehouses have invested in Compactors. This is because they offer a host of benefits to businesses including:

Cost Savings

Typically when bins are emptied they are often half full. So essentially, your business is paying for the removal of fresh air. A compactor will ensure waste is fully compacted, fewer collections are required and money isn’t going to waste.

Improved Efficiency 

Compactors can be loaded by hand, bin lift, or truck. This cuts down on multiple trips to the bins and also removes the requirement for any waste to be flat packed. Staff can focus on key business tasks. If you produce large quantities of general waste, we can design and install full turn-key systems that feed material directly into the compactor.

Saves Space On-site

Having a Compactor on-site will remove the requirement for multiple 1100 litre bins. As all waste will be compacted fewer bins are required to store waste until collection day saving space on-site. Removal of overflowing bins will also improve the visual appeal of your workplace.

Case Study

One such business that has benefitted greatly from installing a Compactor is a busy bakery. You can read the full case study here.

“Not only has it saved space and costs but the system is easy to use for our staff. We were also very surprised with the excellent payloads in the compactor.”

– Phil Race, Site Services Manager



Purchasing a General Waste Compactor

A Compactor can be a great investment for any business that produces general waste. We have a large range of machines available suitable for handling small volumes all the way through to industrial volumes processing tonnes of waste.  If you’re not sure about what machine your business needs, try our product finder or arrange a free on-site audit.

Hiring a Waste Compactor

Although investing in a Compactor can bring about financial gain, many businesses are reluctant to tie up existing lines of credit or capital by investing in new machinery. That’s why at Landfill Alternatives, we offer affordable leasing contracts on our new and refurbished Waste Compactors.  Leasing equipment with us is a straightforward procedure. The first step is organising an onsite audit to determine what machinery is best for your specific business requirements. We then draw up a proposal outlining our recommendations and a suitable payment plan.  On receiving your completed rental form we then deliver, install, and provide free training for your system.

Refurbished Machines

In addition to selling brand new machines, we also sell a number of refurbished Compactors. These are restored to a very high standard and can be a very cost-effective route of satisfying your waste management requirements.

Compactor Maintenance

Our machines are designed and built to last, but over time they will sustain some heavy usage. In order to ensure your machine is operating correctly and continues to do so throughout its life, it’s absolutely vital that you regularly service your machine. We have an extensive team of certified electronic and hydraulic engineers that are capable of servicing any Compactor in line with the manufacturer’s guidance to ensure its continued operation.


 Take a look at our best selling Waste Compactors below or see our entire range available for sale or hire

Medium General Wet Waste Portable Compactor

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MPB 10 – Medium Portable Compactor

Perfect for medium volumes of dry general waste.

Product Description

The MPB 10 is our standard chain lift portable compactor that can hold up to 7 tons of hotel waste or 4 tons of general waste once full. It is the size of a car park space and is the perfect option for medium amounts of waste. The most common waste compacted is general black bag waste but it can compact most materials.

Suitable For

Plastic film
Dry and wet waste

Large General Wet Waste Portable Compactor

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MPB 20 – Large Portable Compactor

Perfect for large volumes of wet waste.


Product Description

The MPB 20 is our largest wet waste portable Compactor that can hold 12 tons of waste once full. It is the perfect option for medium/high amounts of wet general waste.

Suitable For

  • Low-value mixed waste
  • Black bag waste
  • Wet waste

Large General Dry Waste Portable Compactor

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APB 20 BL – Large Portable Compactor

Perfect for high volumes of dry waste.


Product Description

The APB 20 BL is our largest dry waste portable Compactor with an additional bin lift attachment that can hold 8 tons of waste once full. It is the perfect option for medium/high amounts of dry general waste.

Suitable For

  • Dry Waste
  • Wood
  • Light Metals
  • Polystyrene
  • Cardboard

Large General Dry Waste Compactor

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LFA SC 2 – Large Static Compactor

Perfect for medium/high volumes of dry general waste.

Product Description

The LFA SC 2 is our smallest static ram compactor. When the material is added to the container this machine compacts it using 30 tons of force. It is the perfect option for medium/high amounts of dry waste. The most common waste compacted is general black bag waste but it can compact most materials.

Suitable For

  • Cardboard
    Plastic film
    Dry waste

Jumbo Roll Packer

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Jumbo Roll Packer – Industrial Compactor

Perfect for high volumes of bulky general waste
Free 14 day trial Available


Product Description

The Jumbo roll packer has a cranked arm with a drum lined with teeth and compacts everything with up to 10 tons of force per tooth. It sits over the top of a 40yd skip and rolls its drum head back and forth crushing and tamping down everything in its path creating layer upon layer of broken waste.

Suitable For

  • Pallets
  • Drums
  • Tiles

Roto Compactor for General Waste

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RC (Roto Compactor) – General Waste Compactor

Perfect for very low/medium volumes of waste.

Product Description

This machine can be used as a general waste Compactor instead of a standard skip or bin. All waste can be continually thrown directly into the machine through its drop-down feed door. Once the Compactor is switched on, the drum chews up whatever material is thrown in and blends this together as it builds up the block.

Suitable For

  • Cardboard
    Plastic film
    Dry waste

General Waste Compactor Frequently Asked Questions

There are several different Compactor designs, however, the concept remains the same. All machines aim to reduce the volume of space your waste occupies. This is achieved by a compaction ram that crushes and compacts the waste.

Waste Compactors can be used in almost every industry. Including retailers, supermarkets, manufactures, distribution centres, hotels, logistic centres, and more. Any business that produces a general waste could benefit from investing in one of our machines.

Different machines can handle various materials. All Compactors can compact general black bin bag waste. However, large machines, such as the jumbo roll packer can crush larger objects like wooden pallets.

Both machines aim to minimise the amount of space waste takes up. However, they typically process different materials. Balers are perfect for compacting dry waste recyclables. If your business produces a sufficient stream of these materials then a Baler could be a suitable option. However, if your business produces a high volume of mixed general waste then a Compactor may be required.  To learn more, read our full-length article covering this topic.

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