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The Jumbo roll packer has a cranked arm with a drum lined with teeth and compacts everything with up to 10 tons of force per tooth. It sits over the top of a 40yd skip and rolls its drum head back and forth crushing and tamping down everything in its path creating layer upon layer of broken waste. Waste can be fed continuously in to the skip and set on auto or alternatively set it to manual mode. The compactor works especially well with pallets and drums but will deal with most materials. An average compaction of up to 5:1 is achievable depending on your material.

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Jumbo Roll Packer Brochure

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Benefits of Compacting

  • Waste Icon
    To reduce waste disposal costs
  • To keep the yard much tidier – no mess or leakage
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    To gain a rebate of recyclable material
  • To prevent fly tipping
  • Recycling truck icon
    To have less contractor traffic on site
  • earth icon
    To be more environmentally friendly

Product Details

Product Dimensions
Overall Width2800mm
Overall Height6600mm
Overall Weight~3200kg
Technical Specification
ELECTRIC SUPPLY 3 phase, 415V, 32A

Typically, one 40yd roll on roll off skip would be needed to gain a cost saving.

Why compact? 

  • To reduce waste disposal costs
  • To have less contractor traffic on site
  • To keep the yard much tidier – no mess or leakage
  • To be more environmentally friendly
Output Containers
Skip 40 cu yd
Skip 30 cu yd

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