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Landfill Alternatives have over 20 years of experience in the waste management industry.  During this time we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of Vertical & Horizontal Balers, Waste Compactors, and dry waste recycling equipment.

We specialise in designing bespoke solutions for a whole range of businesses. We’ve worked with corner shops through to large multinational retailers. Our market leading machinery can process metal, cardboard, paper, foam, abattoir skins, film and rigid plastics, wood, and general waste.

Systems can be stand-alone, or part of a large ‘turn-key’ system using conveyors, bin tippers, and dust/extraction systems.  Try our quick and easy online waste configurator to discover what equipment is right for your business.

1,000,000+ Tons of waste diverted from landfill

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20+ Years experience in the industry

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Comprehensive range of Balers, Crushers & Compactors

Our Offering

We pair over 20 years of experience with our extensive range of Balers, Crushers, Compactors and Specialist equipment. Allowing us to tailor a waste handling system to your specific and unique requirements.  Our machinery is meticulously designed and engineered to be safe, easy to operate and efficient to keep your business running smoothly.  This enables your business to minimise waste sent to landfill and generate recycling rebates.

Facilities Management Service

We match waste handling systems to your specific and unique requirements on site. Arrange a free on-site audit today and we can make recommendations that will ensure your operation meets current and known future legislation. We can also help towards achieving ISO 14001 status and advise on best practice.

Outstanding Customer Service

Over the past 20 years, we’ve established ourselves as market leaders for dry waste recycling.  We’re committed to providing unrivaled customer service and finding the right solution for your business – that’s why we have so many satisfied customers! We’ve helped thousands of businesses reduce their disposal costs and divert waste from landfill.  In addition to this, it’s possible to generate revenue through rebates on cardboard, paper, and other recyclable waste.

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Our Customers

Landfill Alternatives has over 1100 customers throughout the UK including several household names. All types of industries generate waste and so we supply retail corner shops through to large car plants, abattoirs through to remote wastewater treatment works.  Our world-class machinery can handle all types of waste.  From cardboard, plastic, and paper to more niche types of waste such as tyres and mattresses we have a Baler, Compactor or Crusher that’s right for you.

Suitable For Every Industry

We supply every industry from the small part manufacturers through to the assembly lines, growers to packing plants.  In addition to providing equipment, we do offer the commissioning and training.  We also offer a ‘one-stop’ shop approach where all waste maters, collections, consumables, invoicing and audits come through us.

Learn more about how Landfill Alternatives have helped businesses across a multitude of industries compact waste and increase their recycling.

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Continued Support

Landfill Alternatives not only supply equipment and consumables but can also source recycling partners to accept your material. We have competent engineers to service and repair your equipment if required.

Our warehouse stores equipment parts plus a wide range of consumables such as galvanised wire, strapping and bags for your stuff frames. We also offer a refurbishment service where we collect your old equipment, strip it down replacing worn parts and respray back to new.

Having set up your system, we can offer a one-stop brokerage service for the collection of your material with monthly summary invoicing/crediting based on cost/less income.

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More Questions Than Answers?

We appreciate that our comprehensive range of machinery can sometimes make it difficult to find the right machine to suit your requirements.

Our Product Finder tool makes it easy to find the perfect Baler, Crusher, or Compactor to satisfy your business requirements.

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