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Waste Baler Maintenance & Servicing

Keep your Baler operating correctly and minimise unexpected downtime with our professional Baler maintenance and service.

Baler Servicing

Our Balers are designed and built to last, but over time your Baler will sustain some heavy usage during its lifecycle. In order to ensure your Waste Baler is operating correctly and continues to do so throughout its life, it’s absolutely vital that you do baler maintenance check regularly. Failure to do so will ultimately lead to a breakdown and a costly repair bill that could have been easily avoided. We have an extensive team of certified electronic and hydraulic engineers that are capable of servicing any Baler in line with the manufacturer’s guidance to ensure it’s continued operation.

Planned scheduled baler maintenance at a time that suits you dramatically reduces the risk of unforeseen downtime and breakdown costs. This ensures, your recycling operation and business can continue to operate without disruption that can often be costly and have knock-on effects throughout the business. Having a regular Baler Service gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your Baler is not only operating at maximum efficiency but is in adherence will all health & safety guidance.

Our team of strategically based engineers across the UK enables, us to provide nationwide coverage. We work with thousands of organisations of all sizes to ensure their Balers and Waste Management equipment are correctly serviced, maintained, and operating as expected.

Servicing Plan

At Landfill Alternatives, we understand the financial and operational impact the breakdown of your recycling equipment can have on your business. That’s why we offer an affordable Baler Servicing Plan that accommodates frequent maintenance and services to guarantee your machinery continues to operate smoothly and effectively.

No matter where you purchased your Baler from we can help. Whether you’re looking for an on-going service or one-off call out then you can rely on us to deliver exceptional customer service at an affordable price. Speak to us today about your requirements.

Why Service your Baler?

  • Safety Icon
    Maintain high standards of health & safety.
  • Oil icon
    Ensures your oil is in good condition & at the correct level.
  • Spare Parts
    Extends the life of your machinery.
  • Hydro pump
    Prevents catastrophic failure of the hydraulic system.
  • Wiring Icon
    All wiring & electrical systems are checked & tested.
  • Downtime
    Minimises downtime & potential failure.
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    Enables you to schedule downtime for repairs & maintenance.
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    Minimises the chances of accidents & potential lawsuits.

Baler Servicing FAQ

During our visit we’ll;


1 Clean and look for wear

2 Clean off old grease.

3 Grease and lubricate.

4 Check main frame.

5 Check all moving parts for wear.

6 Check pivot and wrist pins for wear.

7 Check all fixings.

8 Check all couplings.

9 Check filters and breathers.

10 Check hoses and hose couplings.

11 Check pump and hydraulics.

12 Check hydraulic cylinders.

13 Check all bearings and gears.

14 Check all electrical connections and switches.

15 Check electric motor.

16 Check belts or chains for wear.

17 Test pressures and set.

18 Check the auto time cycle.

19 Working adjustment.

20 Test for working order.

Like any machine, overtime Balers are subject to wear and tear. By deploying a combination of weekly, monthly and annual maintenance and servicing checks you’re able to significantly prolong the operating lifecycle of your equipment. This will ensure your workforce is protected, help save money on repairs and lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns.


In order to safeguard your employees and your machinery, it’s crucial to have a certified professional undertake maintenance and repair work. Please speak to us today about how we can help.

Preventive maintenance should include daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. Services should be planned in advance as part of a preventive maintenance program. Depending on the volume of materials you process the frequency of this may differ slightly, but a good rule of thumb is to book in a service every 6 – 12 months.


If you’re unsure, please get in touch and we can advise a specific servicing plan tailored to your exact requirements.

Our team of engineers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Baler servicing. Regardless of what model you have or where you purchased it from we’ll be able to help.

The price of a service will be dependant on the make, size and model of Baler. However, we offer very affordable service plans and can provide no-obligation quotations before undertaking any work.


If you’re looking to service multiple machines on the same site we can offer a discount.

Why Choose Landfill Alternatives

Landfill Alternatives have over 20 years of experience in the waste management industry. We’ve worked with corner shops through to large multinational retailers and service over 1100 customers including numerous household names.

During this time we’ve built up an extensive team of certified engineers across the country enabling us to offer nationwide coverage.

Our team of versatile engineers draw upon decades of experience in servicing waste management equipment enabling them to tackle any job – guaranteeing a timely solution and complete satisfaction at an affordable price.  Over the past 20 years, our longstanding commitment to delivering a quality service at a great price has enabled us to build strong relationships with high profile clients across a range of sectors. We’re committed to providing unrivaled customer service and finding the right solution for your business – that’s why we have so many satisfied customers!

No matter where you purchased your equipment from we’ll be able to service it for you. Speak to us today about your specific requirements and we’ll advise the best solution to ensure your Balers are maintained and fully serviced.

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We offer excellent value for money.

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All of our engineers are highly trained and certified.

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Strategically placed engineers enable us to offer nationwide coverage.

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All replacement parts are covered by a manufacturer's guarantee.


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