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S P Group did have a “one stop shop” supply for their waste, which cost them £200k per annum. Waste was a mix of specialist board such as foamex, dibond, PET and PVC as well as 40 to 50 tons of cardboard and paper per month

Pete Richardson joined the company as Quality and Environmental Manager and quickly realised that although convenient, the set up was poor value for money.  From his experiences at his previous company he called in Landfill Alternatives to do a complete audit. The audit concentrated on best separation systems for the different materials, and assured that staff could understand and make the system work.

The solution was based on different coloured 1100ltr bins to collect cardboard, paper and waste, with capture systems for plastic film and mixed recyclables. Once captured, the bins were taken to a pair of LFA 450 H (Horizontal) balers with bin lifts, where 500kg mill bales were made.  These were stacked onto a standing trailer.

In addition all used wood was processed through a Jumbo Roll Packer. This converted a 2 tonne load of wood up to 8 tonnes with the resultant cost savings. The large quantities of plastic film were captured using stuff frames and processed into 150kg bales using an LFA 151 baler. A fully sealed APB20 portable compactor improved value for money for general waste removed.

The system has turned the £200k cost of material disposal to a nil cost where rebates for the material offset landfill costs. The system also makes the site tidier and gives greater capacity. A standing trailer keeps the bales neat and tidy.

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