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LFA 450 H – Horizontal Baler


The LFA 450 H is the entry level semi-automatic baler in our range, with a footprint of 5300x1800mm. It gives the benefits of a horizontal baler without taking up large amounts of floor space. The main benefit of a horizontal baler (H) over a vertical mill sized baler is that the horizontal baler allows for continuous feeding, therefore giving the ability to achieve a much superior throughput. The wide hopper allows for different feeding methods; hand loading, tipping skips, telehandler, forklifts, conveyors and bin lifters. The second bale eject method is a simple system which uses the material from the next bale to push out the already created bale. Although this is a great economical system, it is best suited to bale only one type of material as baling two or more types of material allows for cross contamination between bales. It is often used in distribution and logistics centres, warehouses and large retail shops that require a simple horizontal baler for relatively high volumes of waste. The most common types of materials baled are cardboard, plastic film and paper, but it can also bale other materials.

Bale Measurements
Weight (Cardboard)
Weight (Plastic)
This creates a Mill Size bale that generates maximum rebate
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Product Details

Product Dimensions
Overall Width5300mm
Overall Height2450mm
Overall Depth1800mm
Overall Weight~5500kg
Feed Opening Width1400mm
Feed Opening Depth1040mm
Technical Specification
Compaction Force 50T
Motor 7.5kW / 11kW / 15kW
Cycle Time 86 / 60 / 49 Seconds
Throughput 0.75 - 1.5 T/Hr
Wire Ties 4
Tying Direction Vertical
Bale Ejection Method Second Bale Eject
Noise Level 80dB
Electricity Supply 3 Phase, 415V

We can modify the LFA 450 H baler to your specific needs. We can attach an integrated bin tipper, door dampener and retention claws. We can also adapt the hopper to suit your feeding method, the shearing blades to suit your material and we can also upgrade the motor to decrease the cycle time. For further customisation, contact us and we will try to meet all requirements.

  • Features
    • E-stops
    • Automatic cycle
    • Anti-whip hoses
    • Wire guide slots
    • Magic eye sensor
    • Power pack cover
    • Vandal proof door
    • 3mm flared hopper
    • Bale full/jam beacon
    • Dual pressure switch
    • Hydraulic door clamp
    • Start-up alarm beacon
    • Manual forward/reverse
    • Automatic bale full system
    • Simple, easy to operate controls
    • Interlocked access door on hopper
    • Retention claws inside the chamber
    • Economical second bale eject system
    • Aggressive ram head with sheer blades
    • Rated IP65 so safe to be sited inside or outside



    • Continuous feed so reduces staff idle time
    • Saves on labour from reduced material handling
    • Reduces storage space required for bulky waste
    • Reduces the need to flat pack/break down material
    • Reduces carbon footprint and complies with ISO 14001
    • Produces mill-size bale dimensions to optimise transport loads
    • Leads to a tidier working environment which improves health and safety
    • Reduces disposal costs and able to generate the maximum income for material

The LFA 450 H is very easy to use.


Step 1 – Feeding

This step is straight forward – press the green ‘go’ button to put the baler into idle mode. Start feeding the material into the hopper. A magic eye sensor sits at the bottom of the hopper and once the sensor detects material, the baler starts up and runs a full cycle compacting the material into the bale chamber. The material catches on the retention claws preventing it from springing back into the charge box. Continue feeding material into the hopper, it will sit on top of the ram head dropping into the charge box when the ram returns.


Step 2 – When is the bale full?

This baler has an auto stop feature so when the bale is full, lights will flash on the control panel, the ram head stays forward, and the material stays under compression.


Step 3 – Tying off the bale

This baler is a vertical tie, thus on top of the bale chamber there are slots through which the ram head with bale wire channels are visible. Thread the wire (straight end first) down this channel and the wire will hit a 45° plate directing the wire under the bale. Continue pushing the wire through until it comes out of the slots in the door. Bring the loop end of the wire over the top of the bale and thread it through the slots in the door. Thread the straight end of the wire through the loop end, pull the wire tight and wrap the wire around itself 3-4 times. Repeat this on the other wires.


Step 4 – Ejecting the bale

Once the bale is created it needs to be ejected. Next to the door there are controls for the hydraulic door, press on both of these buttons until the door is unclamped. Swing the door open past 90° and place a pallet in front of the baler. On the main control panel, press the ‘reverse’ button until the ram head is all the way back. Feed the machine with material and press the ‘forward’ button. The material in the machine will start pushing the bale just created out. Do this 3-4 times until the bale is fully ejected. The bale now weighs up to 500kg sat on a pallet ready to be stored for collection. Close the door and hold down the two hydraulic door buttons to clamp the door shut.


As simple as that! It probably takes longer to read the operation than to implement it. As part of the package, one of our trusty engineers will come to site and show the team how to operate it in person. Training certification can be supplied if required.

*Note – Refurbished models may vary in its operation slightly, but the principle will remain very similar.

LFA 450 H – Horizontal Baler Brochure

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    Benefits of Baling

    • ISO icon
      Reduce carbon footprint and comply with ISO 14001
    • Recycling Bin
      To reduce storage space required for bulky waste
    • Icon
      Reduce disposal costs and receive maximum income on the baled material
    • Commercial Recycling Factory
      To lead to a tidier work environment which improves health and safety
    • Cardboard Recycling Baler
      To reduce the need to flat pack/break down material
    • Labor Icon
      To save on labour from reduced material handling

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