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Plastic Waste

How the 30% Plastic Packaging Tax Could Impact Your Business

The overall message here is that the UK is Government is taking drastic action to increase the use of recycled plastic. This will subsequently lead to a greater demand for recycled material which means there has never been a better time to invest in a Plastic Baler.

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Cardboard Baler

Cardboard Balers – The Complete Buying Guide

Regardless of industry, almost all businesses produce waste cardboard. In many cases, this ends up in bins and skips which can lead to excessive waste disposal fees. Seldom do workers crush or flatpack cardboard down, which means valuable space inside your bins is being used inefficiently. If this scenario sounds familiar then it’s likely you could benefit from investing in a Cardboard Baler.

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Benefits of Leasing Waste Compactors and Balers

As we enter the new decade there is ever-growing pressure for businesses to implement efficient waste management practices. With consumer trends shifting towards favouring greener businesses, in addition to ever-increasing landfill taxes – there has never been a better time to invest in waste management equipment. Organisations can not only benefit from an environmental aspect…

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Can Crushers

Introducing Our Can Crusher Range for Sale or Lease Hire

If your business places waste cans into bins without crushing them first then you’ve probably noticed that your bins can fill up very fast and require frequent collections. This post details the benefits of crushers and introduces each can crusher available to buy or hire in our range.

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Mill Size Baler

Benefits of Mill Sized Balers

Everything you’ll need to know if you’re considering buying or leasing a Vertical Mill Size Baler. These versatile machines are fantastic for processing large amounts of cardboard, plastic, and paper.

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