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Streamlining Production Waste Management: Your Comprehensive Guide

By design, the manufacturing industry generates a substantial amount of waste. As businesses look to achieve nil to landfill status managing this waste stream can be a significant task.  In this article, we’ll discuss how to best streamline your production waste and how Landfill Alternatives can help.

Recognising Production Waste

Production waste includes a wide array of materials, from surplus raw materials and packaging to administrative waste paper. While these materials could have a harmful impact on the environment if improperly managed, LFA can help your business ensure they can be effectively collected for recycling.

Your Waste Management Plan

Developing a thorough waste management plan is your first step towards efficient waste management. Your plan should encompass three key elements: minimising waste generation, repurposing materials when feasible, and recycling any remaining waste.


The cornerstone of your strategy should be minimising waste. By refining your manufacturing process, you can significantly cut down on waste production. Consider implementing strategies such as using less packaging or adopting a lean manufacturing philosophy to achieve this. Discussions can also be had with suppliers to minimise the amount of waste materials in the form of packaging arriving on site.


Once your business has managed to reduce any unnecessary waste, the focus moves to repurposing opportunities. Can your leftover raw materials or previously used machinery be reused or repurposed rather than being discarded? This change in perspective can significantly impact your waste management efficiency.


When it comes to materials that can neither be removed nor repurposed, recycling is the way forward. By directing your waste materials towards a recycling facility instead of a landfill, you not only contribute to environmental sustainability but may also discover substantial cost savings for your business. Landfill Alternatives’ extensive collection of waste balers and compactors can help streamline this process by efficiently compacting your waste, making it ready for recycling. Bales of material can be collected for free, and at certain volumes generate revenue.

Employing the Best Tools for the Job

Using the right machinery can make a world of difference. Horizontal balers, for instance, are a fantastic tool for businesses dealing with a high volume of waste, efficiently compressing waste into compact, easily manageable bales. You can find a range of horizontal balers suitable for your needs. You can also explore a list of our most popular machines for managing manufacturing waste.

Alternatively, our product finder tool lets you enter your business’s waste types, and then it identifies the right machinery for your exact needs.

Building on Success Stories

To see how effective waste management can bring about tangible benefits, consider our case study on The Print Factory. By utilising our equipment, they significantly improved their waste management, leading to noticeable cost savings.

Reduce your Waste Today

Efficient waste management can lead to considerable cost savings, heightened efficiency, and a reduced environmental footprint for your business. We have over two decades of expertise and only offer the highest quality machines capable of handling high volumes of waste that come hand in hand with manufacturing.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider requesting a free on-site audit.  During our visit we’ll identify the most effective strategies and machinery.

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