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The Print Factory were concentrating so hard on production that they had lost focus on what was happening at the rear door. Their recycler and contractor were taking them for granted and prices had become uncompetitive. Landfill Alternatives were asked to sort it out.

The Print Factory generate cardboard, paper, plastic film and a mix of general waste. Everything was leaving site loose and the systems for separation were not being followed. An LFA 500 mill size baler immediately made significant improvements to the housekeeping and the bottom line. The 500 kg blocks that it generated could be stacked neatly, staff processed the cardboard inside the yard was tidier, and the rebates flowed in.

For the mix of general waste, an MPB 10 fully sealed portable compactor replaced the two FEL skips that were emptied daily. This is now removed and emptied every 4 weeks with the resulting cost savings and less dependency on the contractor being on time.

The paper was a different matter altogether. A major customer has insisted that all paper leaving site should be securely destroyed. To meet this requirement a trim extraction system with chopper fan was installed to take paper off some machines and deposit it into a Roto Compactor. The remains were hand fed through a security shredder and then tipped into the Roto Compactor.

The end result was an efficient system which tidied the site and has put the paper in a more valuable format to sell on.

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