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Harnessing the Power of AI in Recycling

One of the hottest topics of 2023 that has everyone talking is Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is no denying that recent advancements have opened the door to significant transformations across various industries.  When considering the vast possibilities, it’s not unfair to say that many people probably haven’t considered how AI will impact the waste management space.   However, each day AI technology is playing an ever more important role in solving an issue that has plagued the recycling industry for decades; contamination.

In order to effectively recycle a stream of waste, it must first be sorted which is an enormous challenge when you’re faced with processing thousands of tons of waste every single day. Traditional waste sorting methods typically include manual labour or simple mechanical processes, which unfortunately fall short in terms of full accuracy, efficiency, and safety.  Recent developments have led to the increased use of AI-powered robots, powered with computer vision technology that is able to identify waste and eject contaminates with a degree of precision and speed that far surpasses human capabilities.  These machines are able to detect and distinguish between cardboard, paper, and even different types of plastic but most importantly eject non-recyclable materials that have crept into the waste stream.

Although the technology is no doubt promising for the future of recycling, it’s still a long, long way off. Therefore it’s essential not to overlook the pressing demand right now to sort and bale recyclables at the source.  Businesses can make a significant environmental impact and save big on disposal fees by proactively managing their waste.  The most effective method of doing so is investing in a Recycling Baler, which enables recyclable materials, such as cardboard, plastic and paper to be separated and removed from bins and skips then compacted together to form a bale.  This bale is then collected and sent to a recycling facility where it can be processed and ready to be reused again.

Baling your waste presents a multitude of benefits to the business. Firstly, it minimises the amount of material going to landfill, which has devastating consequences on the environment. Furthermore, it frees up significant room in bins and skips, greatly reducing the number of costly collections required. Finally, baled materials are often collected for free, and at certain volumes can even generate revenue in the form of rebates.

There has never been a better time to invest in the sustainability of your business and Landfill Alternatives can help you do this.  We’ve been operating for over 20 years and supply a wide range of recycling equipment including Balers, Compactors, Crushers and so much more.  We offer all businesses a completely free, zero-obligation onsite audit.  During this visit, we’ll discuss your requirements and produce a waste management solution that fits your exact needs.
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