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LFA IBC 660/1100L – In Bin Compactor


The LFA IBC 660/1100L is our in-bin compactor suitable to compact waste into 660 or 1100 litre wheelie bins. Due to is small size, it is often used in tight yards in the hospitality and medical industry. Its 3.5 tonne compaction force maximises the amount of waste in bins by up to 3:1 and due to its versatility, it can be used on a variety of different waste streams being wet, dry, recyclable or general waste. It is very easy to use, and its two-hand operation makes it safe and simple for all users.

Compactor Measurements
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Product Details

Product Dimensions
Overall Width1150mm
Overall Height2100mm
Overall Depth1150mm
Overall Weight~270kg
Technical Specification
Compaction Force 3.5T
Motor 1.5kW
Cycle Time 20 Seconds
Compaction Ratio < 3:1
Noise Level 72dB
Electricity Supply Single Phase, 220-240V, 13A

If you have 660Ltr wheelie bins instead we can attach a different press head to fit your bins. For further customisation, contact us and we will try to meet all requirements.

Typically, the minimum amount of waste per week to gain a cost saving would be:

* 1100ltr wheelie bin(s) – Five DMR (Dry mixed recyclables) or Three GW (General waste)

  • Features
    • E-stops
    • Small footprint
    • Automatic rising floor
    • Heavy duty compaction head
    • Simple, easy to operate controls
    • Hydraulic pack separate from waste
    • Rated IP65 so safe to be sited inside or outside



    • Helps prevent fly tipping
    • Easy for users to operate
    • Keeps the yard much tidier
    • Reduces waste disposal costs
    • Reduces contractor traffic on site
    • More environmentally friendly
    • Can compact multiple waste streams
    • No longer being charged for air voids in bins
    • Reduces carbon footprint and complies with ISO 14001

The LFA IBC 660/1100L is very easy to use. Wheel a 660/1100 litre bin on top of the compactor floor and feed waste into the bin. Hold down the two levers to start the compaction cycle. The compactor floor raises, picking up the bin from its belly which prevents the wheels from getting damaged. The compaction head then compacts the waste down into the bin. Push the levers back up to return the compaction head to its resting position ready for more waste to be fed. Continue this until the bin is full and then replace it with a different bin.

LFA IBC 660/1100L – In Bin Compactor Brochure

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    Benefits of Compacting

    • Recycling Bin
      To reduce waste disposal costs
    • Commercial Recycling Factory
      To keep the yard much tidier – no mess or leakage
    • Icon
      To gain a rebate of recyclable material
    • To prevent fly tipping
    • Recycling truck icon
      To have less contractor traffic on site
    • earth icon
      To be more environmentally friendly

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