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Abbey View Nurseries are a large grower and importer of cucumbers and peppers. Although cardboard was already recycled and green waste composted, a high percentage of waste going to landfill was polyprop wrappers generated on the packing lines when the sealing machines failed to seal or the product was poor quality.

Landfill Alternatives was asked to find a recycling route for this material, as well as the polyprop plastic strapping. The solution made use of a clear bag system in stuff frames to capture the film and a red bag system in stuff frames to capture the strapping. The stuff frames were able to get close to the production line where the material was generated without getting in the way, and making it clear and easy for non English speaking staff to separate the material.

An LFA 151 baler was installed and the film, which was 90% by volume, was put straight into the baler while 8 red bags of strapping were stored to one side waiting for the chamber to be free.

The end result was that waste skips were significantly reduced, and income was generated for the material and the next supermarket audits showed some positive action.

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