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Static Compactor

How Static Waste Compactors Save Money

While the world continues to make great strides towards carbon-neutral, zero waste business, there are still occasions when most businesses have some waste which can’t be recycled. We know that our clients are investing in their recycling and in eco-friendly production and protocol wherever possible – but what can we do to help improve your carbon footprint with non-recyclable waste, and save you money in the process?

Static waste compactors are the ideal solution. We have all seen the economic impact on business, the knock-on effect of this economic uncertainty means that businesses are being hit with growing costs in many areas – and waste disposal is just one of these costs which can quickly add up.

Our Static Waste Compactors are just one way to not only make financial savings, but to save time, admin, space and reduce your impact on your local environment.

How does a static waste compactor work?

Static compactors combine high-end hydraulics, with an enclosed skip. These machines quickly crush and compact your non-recyclable waste, reducing the volume at a ratio of 5:1 with up to 38 tonnes of pressure.

A moving plate pushes and reduces the waste, compacting so efficiently that you can fit up to ~5 times more waste into your available space. This compacted waste is then stored for ready removal.

What are the benefits of compacting waste?

When waste collection is costed by load, the ability to reduce collections so significantly – with up to 5 times more waste per load, meaning what was weekly collections becoming monthly, if not less – can save your business significant sums annually.

This also reduces the size of waste reaching landfill, which protects the environment, and reduces the fuel utilised in transporting it and onsite traffic – all points which reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and move you closer to the goal of carbon-free business.

The waste being compacted on-site will also remove the chance of litter overflowing from bins, which is unhygienic, a health and safety risk, and terrible for the local environment. The enclosed skip also reduces the risk of fly-tipping.

Available in a range of styles and options

Depending on the space you have available and the levels of waste your business produces, you can opt for varied static waste compactors to meet your specific needs. Simple models come with varied hopper sizes, and can be loaded from different sides depending on the structure of your facility.

Static waste compactors can be loaded manually or fitted with bin lifts, which makes transferring waste from your existing bins to the unit very simple. Much like you’ll have seen on your domestic waste collections, these bin lifts simply grip the lip of your wheelie bins and lift, tip and lower them at the touch of a button.

Peace of mind and easy changeover

The indicator light will alert you when the skip is 3/4 full. Enabling you to arrange an instant changeover. When the skip is full and ready to be collected for disposal a replacement skip is delivered simultaneously. No waiting, no additional admin, and no stress for your team. This again reduces the site traffic, reduces costs, and reduces the impact on your working day, so you can focus on business.

Buy Static Waste compactor

Available in a range of sizes, with or without a bin lift, and customisable to your business and waste management needs. Contact the Landfill Alternatives team to discuss your needs, and how we can help you to reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve your carbon footprint today.


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