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Under Counter Glass Crusher
Under Counter Glass Crusher
Under Counter Glass Crusher
Under Counter Glass Crusher

LFA UCGC – Under Counter Glass Crusher


The LFA UCGC (under counter glass crusher) breaks glass reducing its volume by up to 5:1 therefore reducing waste collections considerably. The LFA UCGC is the same size as a kitchen unit and has foam encasing the crushing hammer reducing noise. This allows staff to process glass bottles directly at the bar making it ideal for pubs, hotels and restaurants.  Once the bottles are crushed the cullet drops into a plastic tote box located behind the door at the bottom of the machine. The tote box is able to hold up to 95 bottles or 16kg worth of crushed glass. Scales located under the tote box indicates when it is full by locking off the bottle chute.

Crusher Measurements
Compaction Ratio
< 5:1
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LFA UCGC – Under Counter Glass Crusher Brochure

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    Benefits of Crushing

    • Waste Barrel icon
      To reduce volume by 5:1
    • Recycling Symbol icon
      To take up less space in your bin/skip
    • earth icon
      To reduce carbon footprint
    • Recycling Symbol icon
      To reduce disposal costs

    Product Details

    Product Dimensions
    Overall Width600mm
    Overall Height840mm
    Overall Depth600mm
    Technical Specification
    Throughput Per Hour < 500kgs
    Tote Box Bottle Capacity < 95 x 330ml
    Noise Level 68dB
    Electricity Supply Single Phase, 220V, 13A

    Free training, installation and delivery is offered nationwide.

    Typically, the minimum amount of waste per week to gain a cost saving would be four 140ltr wheelie bins.

    • Features
      • Scales
      • E-stops
      • Full indicator
      • Noise insulation
      • Automatic start up
      • Safety interlocked door
      • Simple, easy to operate controls



      • Reduces glass disposal costs
      • Reduces glass volume by 5:1
      • Eliminates ‘bottle clinking’ noise pollution
      • Frees up space used to store empty bottles
      • Reduces carbon footprint and complies with ISO 14001
      • Reduces the workload for staff, no more segregating bottles
      • Leads to a tidier working environment which improves health and safety
      • Allows staff to focus on customer service instead of moving waste throughout the bar

    The LFA UCGC is very easy to use.


    When first using the machine, open the bottom door and insert a tote box onto the scales. Close the door and latch it shut. Press the green ‘go’ button to switch the glass crusher on into idle mode. Insert a glass bottle through the feed opening chute. As soon as the chute opens the machine hammers start spinning breaking the bottles that are inserted. The machine will go back into idle mode when glass stops being fed. Continue doing this until the full light illuminates. The feed chute will no longer open until the full tote box has been exchanged with an empty one. Open the bottom door and exchange tote boxes. Multiple full tote boxes can be stored on top of each other until they are taken to the bins to be emptied.


    As simple as that! It probably takes longer to read the operation than to implement it. As part of the package, one of our trusty engineers will come to site and show the team how to do this in person. Training certification can be supplied if required.


    *Note – Refurbished models may vary in its operation slightly, but the principle will remain very similar.

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    Free training, installation and delivery is offered nationwide

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