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LFA Digester


The LFA Digester is a unit that breaks down soft bio-degradable foods converting it into a grey discharge water (effluent) that’s safe to go directly into the drainage system. The machine essentially replicates the stomach by slowly churning food waste which is mixed with warm water containing enzymes. These enzymes bind themselves to the food, catalysing the chemical bond breaking process on carbohydrates, fats and proteins resulting in a grey water output (effluent). The machine is best used on a mix of soft biodegradable food waste like cooked/uncooked meat, fish, vegetables, bread and rice but not heavily fibrous materials like bones and fruit husks. Up to 180kg of food is able to be processed over a 24-hour period resulting in a large decrease in costs.

Equipment Measurements
< 180kg / Day
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Product Details

Product Dimensions
Overall Width1095mm
Overall Height1435mm
Overall Depth1015mm
Overall Weight230kg
Height with Lid Open 2070mm
Technical Specification
Throughput 180 kg/day
Revolutions Per Minute 6
Electricity Supply Single Phase, 220V, 10A

Typically, around 70kg of food waste a day would produce a cost saving.

  • Features
    • Small footprint
    • Automatic cycle
    • Continuous feed
    • Simple easy to use control panel



    • Saves space in bin area
    • Contains all bad odours
    • Reduces food disposal costs
    • Reduces vermin in the bin yard
    • Environmentally sound solution
    • Reduces waste contractors on site
    • Reduces carbon footprint and complies with ISO 14001
    • Enzymes in the discharge water help keep the drains clear of fat
    • Leads to a tidier working environment which improves health and safety

The LFA Digestor is very easy to use once setup.


Step 1 – Setup

The LFA Digestor requires to be situated inside on a flat surface. The machine must be connected to a continuous 24-hour warm water supply at 50°C and a 42mm waste connection ideally connected to the drainage system. Open the feed lid and empty a bag of wood chips and a sachet of enzymes. This is to be done once every three months for the catalyst process. Close the feed door and press the green restart button. The machine will warm up and bind the enzymes to the wooden chips. After 20 minutes, the lid will unlock, the running light will illuminate signally that the machine is ready for wood waste.


Step 2 – Feeding

Open the feed door, pour in the food waste and close the lid. Approximately 45kg of organic food waste can be fed every 6 hours so continue feeding until the wait light illuminates notifying the user that the machine is at capacity. Wait until this light goes off and the running light illuminates. As simple as that, the discharge water automatically runs down to the drainage system, so no further operation but feeding.


Step 3 – Maintenance

  • Every now and then the fluid needs replacing, on the control panel a replace fluid indicator will illuminate notifying the user to do this
  • Every 6 months or so it is best to top up the wood chips and enzymes

LFA Digester Brochure

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    Benefits of Specialist Equipment

    • Recycling Bin
      To reduce disposal costs
    • Recycling truck icon
      To have less contractor traffic on site
    • folder icon
      To reduce carbon footprint and comply with ISO 14001
    • Labor Icon
      To save on labour from reduced material handling
    • Commercial Recycling Factory
      To lead to a tidier work environment which improves health and safety
    • Recycling Bin
      To reduce storage space

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