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Leasing a Cardboard Baler

If your business produces a lot of cardboard then you’ll be familiar with the constant headache disposing of it can pose. Bulky packaging very quickly clogs up storage rooms, bins and skips. Flat packing boxes can go some way to reducing the space they occupy, but the process can be time-consuming and is often overlooked by employees.

Regardless of size, paying to dispose of cardboard is costing your business money and harming the environment. Thankfully, there is a much better way! A Waste Baler can completely remove the cardboard, plastics, and paper from your waste stream, freeing up space and resulting in fewer costly collections.

Cardboard Balers are simple to operate, can be located inside or out and are best situated at the source of waste. They work by deploying a powerful compaction ram that will completely flatten and compress boxes, removing the requirement to flat pack. This cycle is repeated until a complete bale of cardboard is produced. Once the bale is ejected from the machine it can be collected for recycling. Bales are typically collected for free, and at certain volumes can even generate a source of revenue via rebates.

In summary
  • Less recyclable material is sent to Landfill
  • Expensive bin collections are reduced as bulky materials are removed
  • Bales of cardboard can generate up to £100 – 125 per tonne (prices correct at time of writing)

So we’ve established that investing in a Cardboard Baler is a no-brainer. However, for many businesses raising the capital to purchase a Waste Baler outright can often be challenging. That’s why at Landfill Alternatives, we offer affordable leasing options, enabling businesses to hire, rent or lease a Cardboard Baler.

The first step is to determine what Baler best fits your requirements. To do this, we offer a free, no-obligation site visit – during which our experts will analyse your waste streams and evaluate your business needs. Once complete we’ll provide you with a detailed plan of action to take, along with cost comparisons and quotations.

Once everything is agreed upon, we then deliver, install and provide free training for your chosen system. We offer clear terms, with no complex negotiations and there are no hidden costs. Once the agreement is in place, you can rely on our friendly customer support and engineering teams should any problems arise.

In addition to the cost and environmental aspects, renting a Baler can offer your business a host of other benefits including;


By hiring a Baler you have the option to up or downsize your equipment at the end of your lease term. Therefore if the volume of waste you produce drastically changes you can opt for a different machine to accommodate your needs.


Lease payments are classified as a business expense and are therefore tax-deductible.

Working Capital & Cashflow 

Leasing Balers instead of buying outright removes the large capital investment. This frees up working capital for other business expenses such as wages, advertising, and stock. The rental payments are fixed and agreed in advance so your business can budget expenses and improve cash flow management.

Get Started

To start the process, arrange a free on-site audit with a member of our expert team. Or call us today on; 01295 816 733.

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