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Paperchase are a High Street retailer supplying stationary goods and much more. Their head office and warehouse is in Thrapston, Northamptonshire and they have over 250 stores in the UK. In their huge central warehouse, the picking teams generate a substantial quantity of cardboard and plastic film from all the goods that are delivered in.

As the cardboard is generated, it is put into cages which are taken to the baler zone. Up to now, one labourer has had the full time task of feeding a vertical baler with the contents of the cages. This equated to a couple of tonnes a day. With an increased amount of back loading from the stores it was decided to streamline this operation by installing a LFA H.FE (Horizontal.Full Eject). The effect has been immediate with supervisors claiming to save one man’s labour as everyone throws their own card in as they generate it.

With a large shaped hopper, the biggest boxes are immediately processed with no folding or cutting and the bales are a constant 450kg mill acceptable bale. These are easy to stack on top of each other.

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